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How to Calculate Work Hours for Payroll

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For payroll, there aren’t any such things as business days and weekends. A day should be accounted for once paying staff. That’s why it’s vital to grasp truth work time definition. So, what’s a workweek?

What is a work week?

A work time could be a mounted, regularly-recurring amount of 168 hours. In different words, work time is seven consecutive 24-hour periods. Once a work time ends, a brand new work time begins. Each business will select its own work time, as well as the beginning and finish days and times. Your business’s work time could be different than the work time of the business nearby.

When will the work time start?

The work time will begin on any day and at any time. It doesn’t need to follow a period. For example, the period begins on Sunday at twelve a.m. and ends on a weekday at 11:59 p.m. Your work time doesn’t need to follow the period. Instead, your work time may begin weekday at six a.m. and finish the subsequent weekday at 5:59 a.m. The work time should embody seven consecutive days, whether or not or not you’ve got A worker engaged on every one of the seven days.

Why could be a work time important?

Workweeks are used for FLSA overtime compliance. Nonexempt staff will earn overtime pay supported the quantity of hours they add a work time. If a nonexempt worker works over the quality FLSA forty hour work time, you want to offer the worker overtime wages (one and 0.5 times the regular rate of pay, usually called time-and-a-half) for the additional time worked. Because overtime hours and wages are supported the work time and not the period, you want to have longtime work time.

Not having a work time, or victimization all over again amount to calculate overtime hours, is taken into account FLSA disobedience. You’ll get in bothered by the incorrectly paying staff. You should conjointly take into account your state and native laws. Some states and localities have stronger overtime laws. Click here!

How to select a work time

There is not customary work time. Each business will select its own supported what is going to work best. You’ll customize each the work time begins day and time. Typically, a business chooses to start out its work time at a time once staff aren’t operating. It easier to calculate regular and overtime hours if staff aren’t at work once a brand new work time begins. Let’s fake that you just have staff at work from seven a.m. Tuesday through eleven p.m. Saturday. You’ll produce a work time that begins twelve p.m. Tuesday. However, that’s possible throughout AN employee’s shift. During this state of affairs, the primary a part of the shift might be overtime hours for one work time. Then, the rest of the shift would be the start of the employee’s hours for successive work time.

Changing your work time

Once you decide on work time, you must not frequently modification it. Systematically maintain an equivalent work time. However, you’ll modification your work time if necessary. You must not do thus often, and you can’t modification your work time to avoid overtime wages.


If you are doing modification your business’s work time or payroll, you must intend it to be a permanent modification. Often dynamic your work time will seem like you’re attempting to avoid paying overtime wages. Learn more details at:


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