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Aquarium Maintenance and Service

Certified aquatic care technicians,
20 years experience.

Trained by Reef Results Marine

(954) 410-9969

Rates (Subject to change, Broward county primary area, Miami and West palm available, contact for estimate)

$1.00 per gallon saltwater delivery. (min charge $75)

Aquarium service charge : $75
Service includes: Aquarium Detailed, water change, sand siphoned, protein skimmer cleaned, glass cleaned, medias replaced if necessary, water tested, filter cleaned, aquarium checked for proper function of all components. Overall health of fish and corals checked

Chemical filtration media: Phosblaster super nuker: 16oz/29.99, Phosblaster GFO media, 200g/24.99, Coconut shell Carbon 10oz/11.99 20oz/18.99, Calcium Carbonator 16oz/18.99 32oz/29.99 1gal/59.99, Nitro-Gen-Exit 29.99, Nitro-gen-exit probio pellets 29.99

Additional products and equipment of your choice can be supplied

We provide the installation of the following aquarium components
Reverse Osmosis RO/DI filters: $75 plus parts
Media reactors/ protein skimmers/ uv steralizers: $75 plus parts
Pump Replacement: internal/submersible $75, external $75 plus parts
Lighting systems: $75, plus parts
Aquarium Controllers: ie reef keeper, Apex, Etc, $50

New tank set ups:
Prices do not include delivery
Tanks up 50 gallons $75, Includes water
1 overflow $150 additional $50 for water
2 overflow $250 additional $75 for water up to 200 gallons, additional $50 water up to 300 gallons total,

We Provide tank relocation service
$100 per hour, Team of two, tanks larger then 150 gallons will need additional hands available, which can be provided by yourself, or we can provide them for you.
Bulkheads will not be r-used : 1/2'' 6.99, 3/4'' 7.99 1'' 8.99, 1,1/2'' 10.99, 2'' 12.99
Includes, Water, labor and tank relocation,
Additional costs may occur.
Process : tank is assessed, parts needed acquired, tank is drained and disassembled, Fish and corals placed in separated coolers with air supply for transport, tank is relocated, leveled, set up, aquascaped and filled with water, fish and corals are then acclimated to new aquarium environment





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